How's Your First Time Taking a Selfie?

Mine happened a long, long time ago, back when the world "selfie" had yet to achieve legitimacy in the modern English lexicon. I used a regular point and shoot camera and had to wait for a couple of weeks for the roll of film (film!!) to develop. 

When I took my first ever selfie, I had go all the way to the mall, remove that roll of film from the camera, surrender it to the developer with payment, go back home, and wait for a few more days to pick up the package before I could see the results of my selfie experimentation.

Can you imagine how long we had to wait? The tortuous amount of time figuring out whether the picture came out right, whether I looked good or not, whether I had to do a do-over, if the lighting was ok, if I had red eyes, if it was over-exposed?

Which is sooo different from today's instant gratification photo-op world.

There were no LCD screen to peer into, no way to check if my pores were too big or if my duck face made my the outline of my cheeks pop out like a supermodel. (There were polaroids, yes, but those were few and far between back in the day. A luxury for a single girl dependent on her parents for survival, if you must know.)

That and the fact that a total stranger had first dibs to those intimate photos, those personal images that I've taken pains to angle just right so as not to waste all that precious film on my clunky old camera without an LCD lens.

This is the part where I say that the kids of today have it easy, you with your smartphones and LCD screens and photoshops and every imaginable DIY app at your disposal, all to help you achieve the perfect photograph. You really, really do. Take a moment to absorb how fortunate we are to be living in this instant gratification, digital world, where photographs don't have to cost so much to share and to take and to perfect.

You can even take a selfie in your birthday suit and not worry about having some stranger see your photos before you do, patently against your will. It has come to a point where storing those images has become a problem where devices and the cloud are cluttered with extra "just in case" shots and imperfect selfies or too many random photos. 

On the flip side, however, we can also forget that there's a camera perched on top of our heads while we're busy having that awesome, once in a lifetime experience going on, all being captured by a powerful device that's easy available with a click of a mouse button (hello GoPro Hero!)

So. What was it like to take your first selfie? Does it bring back memories? Let me know in the comments below.

Van Salas
Van Salas