Counter-Punch: The Best Text Responses to Scammers

Counter Punch: the Best Text Responses to Scammers

For sure, you’ve received one of these messages from someone claiming that they’re some distant OFW relative of yours who needs money ASAP. Or that some relative of yours has gotten into some accident and needs the cash for treatment.

And if you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably just ignored them, since you know that they are merely text scams.

However, some people have stepped up the game and decided to fight back in the most hilarious way possible—and here are 5 examples of it. Armed with witty responses, we’re sure that these folks won’t get sent a scam message again anytime soon.

First up, to pull off a successful scam, it pays to know your target. Like getting the gender of your victim right, for starters…

Best Text Response to Scammers - Matres

Or the amount of money that he or she has in the bank.

Best Text Response to Scammers - Rich Kid

Some actually are even willing to share the supposed reward—just no upfront cash involved.

Best Text Response to Scammers - 50/50

It pays to know your history as well.

Best Text Response to Scammers - Rizal

And if all else fails, invoke the names of the dead—in normal or jeje form.

Best Text Response to Scammers - Late Uncle


Best Text Response to Scammers

While these examples are definitely very witty, a better way to respond to text scammers is to actually report them to the proper authorities.

If the scammer is using a Globe number, you can submit a report on their Stop Spam webpage. You can also send a screenshot of the text to Globe’s official Twitter handle at @talk2GLOBE. Meanwhile, those using Smart or Sun can also report the spammer to Smart’s Twitter account @SmartCares or call their hotline at *888.

With every filed report, we’re one step closer to getting a spammer’s number banned completely.

Clara Buenconsejo
Clara Buenconsejo