Meet Our Team

Kristian Salvo
Founder & CEO

Kristian is an executioner. No, not the "off-with-his-head" kind. The kind who just gets things done. His diverse career trajectory has taken him on a wild ride - he started as a programmer in Toronto, moved to Singapore to do Business Operations, and just recently left his post as Country Manager for Philippines and Guam. He is a sports buff, a travel enthusiast, and a self-professed tech geek who appreciates good fashion and great design.

Mark Reyes
Business Development

Mark was at the top of his game as National Channel Sales Manager when he turned his back on the corporate world to heed the siren call of freedom & entrepreneurship. His downtime is spent going on long drives along the countryside and donning his scuba gear to commune with underwater sea creatures.

RA Rivera
Traffic Enforcer

RA is a familiar presence in the local pop media scene, having had over a decade's worth of experience directing music videos, Internet ads, Internet series & TV shows. He claims to be a musician by accident, as the "Kaoss machine operator of the dangerous Pedicab band." He tends to be an over-thinker. He has an affinity for VW's, cats, the Beatles, cooking, bacon, liempo, and extra fried rice.