GoPro Quik Key (iPhone/iPad) Mobile microSD Card Reader (AMCRL-001)

Quik Key (iPhone/iPad) is a fast and easy way to unleash and edit GoPro footage stored on your microSD card. Plug it into your iPhone or iPad, then, using the Capture app, transfer the footage to create and share incredible GoPro videos.

Product Features

  • Fast and easy plug-and-play use on iPhone and iPad
  • Access GoPro footage on your microSD card
  • Carabiner-style clip and weather-resistant cover make it easy to take Quik Key with you

Product Warranty

  • 1 Year GoPro Philippines Warranty

What's Inside the Box

  • GoPro Quik Key (iPhone/iPad) Mobile microSD Card Reader (AMCRL-001)
  • Quik Key (iPhone/iPad) Mobile microSD
  • Card Reader
  • Weather-Resistant Cover
  • Carabiner Clip


    • microSD card not included. Compatible microSD cards can be found at
    • Free GoPro Capture mobile app required for product use.
    • Electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPhone or iPad devices, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards