OtterBox Prefix Series for iPhone 5/5S

OtterBox Prefix Series for iPhone 5/5S?ÿ

The Prefix Series case for the iPhone 5 provides a sleek yet sturdy solution to protect against shocks and bumps. The internal skeleton provides structural support while the self-adhesive screen protector prevents scratches and smudges. Get tough protection and one-step installation with the Prefix Series for the new iPhone 5. If you're looking for tougher protection that's still sleek and slim, check out our

?ÿProduct Features
    • Dual-material, unibody construction delivers soft-touch feel with sturdy inner strength
    • Impact resistant synthetic rubber exterior
    • Self-adhesive screen protector guards against scratches
    • Interior rubber pads provide cushioning and shock resistance
        ?ÿWhat's in the Box?
        • ?ÿPrefix Series for iPhone 5/5S?ÿ